Crafting Metal Artistry since 2000


Scott Sweder and
Iron Bear Knife and Forge

Scott Joram Sweder, known for his exceptional craftsmanship, has been creating stunning architectural ironwork, jewelry, and knives that have captivated clients for more than ten years. Our team of skilled blacksmiths combines their expertise and passion to produce timeless pieces that not only meet but exceed expectations.

A few years back, Scott Sweder showcased his talent on the History Channel’s Forged in Fire competition show and emerged as the victorious champion. Season 7 episode 16 Sword in the Stone.

At Iron Bear Knife and Forge, we are dedicated to providing custom metalwork that seamlessly incorporates form, function, and sophistication. With a steadfast dedication to detail and a commitment to delivering excellence, we have become the top choice for personalized ironwork within our local community.

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